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TCI Seaways started as an independent sea cargo division in February 1995. It heralded the dawn of a new era for the parent company - TCI, with the territories having extended even further. The division is well equipped with 1200 containers and four vessels (15649 DWT cumulative capacities). It provides ship management, Liner / Charter / Agency activities, Project Handling, Multi-Modal and Transportation services.

Under Domestic Services TCI Seaways does Costal Shipping, Agency Service and under International Services Break Bulk, Project Cargo and Containerized Business.

TCI Seaways caters to the coastal cargo requirements for transporting container and bulk cargo from Ports on the East coast of India to Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and further distribution within the islands. The cargo largely consists of a variety of products including cattle, perishables and general goods to the islands. It usually ferries back timber, wood products, and betel nuts to the mainland from the Andaman. Also a substantial cargo relates to the defense equipment and movement of vehicles.

  • Cargo consolidation
  • Container shipping / break bulk
  • Dependable transit schedules and sailing
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